Collection: Single Led Lights Battery

Small Individual led lights

Small led lights can also be used in different creative ways to make crafts stand out. For example, they can be used as stars on a Christmas tree or as a lighted garland. They can also be used to add a special touch to a cake or to light up a doll house. Finally, small led lights can be used to create beautiful balloons that will light up any party.

These battery single LED lights are perfect for a number of different crafts projects. You can use them to add some light and color to picture frames, vases, and other decorations. They are also great for accenting floral arrangements. The lights are available in a variety of colors, including red, blue, white, and warm white. They are very easy to use and require no special tools or knowledge. Simply twist the cap to turn them on and you can stick or tie them onto any surface. These lights are sure to add a unique touch to any craft project.


Light Type LED
Light Colour Warm White, White, Red, Blue
Light source wattage 4.5 Watts
Use Indoor & Outdoor
Functions Static (ON/OFF)
Dimensions 32mm x 15mm diameter


Tip: Stir Mini Party Lights into an ice cooler to create a glowing effect. Fill a clear ice bucket with Mini Party Lights and ice cubes or marbles. Create beach theme with plastic beach buckets and colored candies.