Collection: Battery Micro Lights

Outdoor Battery Operated Micro Fairy Lights!

Illuminate your outdoor spaces with a touch of magic using these delicate yet powerful lights. Perfect for creating a whimsical ambiance, these fairy lights are designed to add a dash of charm to any occasion.

Available in three captivating colors—crisp White, inviting Warm White, and vibrant Multicolor—these lights cater to various moods and themes, allowing you to customize your outdoor décor effortlessly.

Designed with versatility in mind, our micro fairy lights come in three different lengths: 5 meters, 10 meters, and 20 meters. Whether you're adorning a small balcony, a cozy patio, or a sprawling garden, you can choose the perfect length to suit your space and creative vision.

The battery-operated feature ensures hassle-free installation and flexibility in placing the lights without the constraints of power outlets. This makes them an ideal choice for outdoor events, garden parties, weddings, or simply adding a touch of elegance to your everyday outdoor living.